Quality of Life

Quality of Life
Quality of Life has become increasingly important to economic development and attracting professional talent.  Madison County has one of the highest levels of quality of life in Mississippi.

As we look to the future, the Quality of Life committee has been focusing on areas identified in the Strategic Plan that will further enhance Madison County.Some of the areas of focus include environmental quality, housing choices, arts, recreation and culture, social wellbeing and public safety.  

Most recently the Quality of Life committee contracted with the C. H. Johnson Consulting firm to update a feasibility study for the development of a conference center that would serve Madison County and the growing number of global businesses located here.  The Madison County Board of Supervisors, MCEDA, Ridgeland Tourism and contributions raised from private businesses have provided the funding for the study.  The study is due to be completed in February.  

Along with the other areas of focus, the Quality of Life committee is to identify those amenities and housing characteristics that are desired by young professionals.  Gathering the necessary statistics, testimonials and visual images are among the steps we are taking to more clearly define this need.

Each of us on the committee realize how extremely critical maintaining and further developing a positive quality of life in Madison County is for today and for future economic growth.

Gail Pittman
Chairman of the Quality of Life Committee
Chairman of the Madison County Foundation


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