To build, promote and capitalize on Madison County’s high quality of health care services and providers by encouraging healthy lifestyles, health care employment, business opportunities and community living to the young, elderly and retired professionals.

Health Care Presentation by Murray Harber
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Smoke Free Areas in Madison County

Health Care
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Julie Mitchell

  • Madison County Announces “Road Ahead" Plan

    More than 125 people gathered January 30th for the Madison County "Road Ahead" economic development press conference held at the Butler Snow building in Ridgeland.
  • Speaker Philip Gunn Addresses the Foundation

  • Quality of Life

    Quality of Life has become increasingly important to economic development and attracting professional talent. Madison County has one of the highest levels of quality of life in Mississippi.
  • "Madison County is blessed with so many quality leaders"

    I chose to come to Canton just over a year ago to be the director of the Canton Chamber of Commerce Main Street Association. Even though I knew no one and had no connections, my decision was simple: I...