The County attracts a diversity of business investment in such areas as advanced manufacturing, quality office operations, and knowledge-based businesses.

imgWalmart Grand Opening in Canton
Walmart Grand Opening in Canton
imgColony Crossing
Colony Crossing
imgJackson Street
Jackson Street

The growth of jobs and business investment in a community doesn’t happen by accident; in this competitive global environment the successful local economy needs focus, innovative thinking, and a commitment to effective project management. Whether part of a regional marketing effort or a stand-alone marketing program, Madison County needs to address key economic development issues that impact its ability to attract new business and industry or foster local business expansion.

Economic Diversification Score Cards (Click to view)

Company management jobs per 1000 workers


Software jobs per 1000 workers


Vacant and Developed Industrial & Business Park Acreage per 1000 population in 2013


Vacant & Developed Business & Industrial Park Acreage in 2013


Change in County Property Tax Base 2011-12


Change in Sales Tax Collections 2009-12


Per Capita Income & PCI Growth Madison & Competitor Communities 2006-2012

Economic Diversification
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Mark Bounds
  • Madison County Announces “Road Ahead" Plan

    More than 125 people gathered January 30th for the Madison County "Road Ahead" economic development press conference held at the Butler Snow building in Ridgeland.
  • Speaker Philip Gunn Addresses the Foundation

  • Quality of Life

    Quality of Life has become increasingly important to economic development and attracting professional talent. Madison County has one of the highest levels of quality of life in Mississippi.
  • "Madison County is blessed with so many quality leaders"

    I chose to come to Canton just over a year ago to be the director of the Canton Chamber of Commerce Main Street Association. Even though I knew no one and had no connections, my decision was simple: I...