History of the Strategic Economic Development Plan


In 2011, the Madison County Foundation requested proposals from strategic planning consultants who could take Madison County through a planning review and set sights on an organized future. The Foundation proposed a shared financial participation to the Madison County Board of Supervisors, which led each party to fund half of the $104,000 cost for the strategic planning process by Taimerica Management Company. The Supervisors voted unanimously to fund and support this strategic plan. With the fundamental support of the Board of Supervisors, the Foundation was prepared to begin the long, yet rewarding process. Much of the private sector contribution to fund the planning process came from individual members of the Madison County Foundation.

In June 2011, the Foundation began a community-wide planning process to learn which topics were important for the future of the County. Many Madison businesses were interviewed in the process and 124 participated in a strengths and weaknesses survey. These insights were incorporated into the planning process. Over 80 business leaders participated in a workshop in August 2011 to shape a vision and set priorities for the plan.


Madison County has participated in several long-range planning efforts through the years, but this is the first to reach the implementation stage. In January 2013, implementation began and task force committees formed to meet every month to discuss ideas and measure outcomes of each goal. Committees represent each of the six goals of the strategic plan: Collaboration, Economic Diversification, Education and Workforce, Health Care, Quality of Life and Transportation. Please click here to view a description of each goal and its measurable outcomes. The implementation phase has three financial stakeholders: The Madison County Foundation, The Madison County Board of Supervisors and The Madison County Economic Development Authority. Currently the Task Force Committees are made up of representatives of members of various organizations throughout Madison County, members of the Madison County Business League and individual volunteers as well.

If you are interested in involvement with any of these task force committees, please contact Gray Marchetti at gray.marchetti@mcfoundation.com.